OISRA Incident/Injury Report

Accident/Incidents will be reported immediately to an OISRA coach, race official, or other OISRA volunteer supervising an OISRA activity.

An Incident Report must be filled out where one or more of the following occurs:

  1. A parent/guardian is contacted, or
  2. Medical consultation is sought, or
  3. Dizziness, nausea or a bump involved, or
  4. Extensive bleeding is exhibited, or
  5. Legal action is threatened by any of the parties involved, or
  6. Incident involves a student with an identified disabling condition.

Discretion to fill out a report may be used when an athlete asks for first aid for minor injuries, requiring a band-aid or ice pack and TLC.

ALL incidents, whether reported or not, should be logged in a team’s incident log with date, name of student, injury and first aid rendered.

If there is some question whether an incident report is needed, please complete a report form.

Reports will be submitted within 72 hours to the Executive Director for all accidents/incidents occurring at team practices or OISRA races.

Reports will cover property damage as well as personal injury.

ALL accidents/incidents will be promptly reviewed by the Executive Director. As a result of the review any corrective measures needed will be acted upon.

Please use this online form to submit your incident and injuries to OISRA.

If you have any questions or problems with this report, please contact Richard Sellens at: registration@oisra.org